Freedom Farms is your authorized AgCam re-seller in Northwest Ohio!

Freedom Farms is your authorized AgCam re-seller in Northwest Ohio!

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  The DM AgCam is a durable, reliable surveillance system with the innovative ability to be quickly moved from one application to the next. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of farming and ranching, the AgCam system will find many uses on your grain or livestock operation as well as construction equipment, emergency vehicles and many other applications. 


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 - Durable

 - Reliable

 - Weatherproof

 - Adaptable

  With the ability to add features such as the Ranch Hand wireless, quad processor, DVR and 2 sizes of monitors to choose from, you will find the right combination to fit your exact needs.  All cameras are warranted for a period of 3 years from the date of sale. All other components are warranted for a period of 2 years from the date of sale.

  With AgCam, seeing is believing and we work our hardest to be the biggest visual bang for your buck. Our mission is to toughen your focus and sharpen your view; we are here to ensure you have a clear view, regardless of condition.

  Created in 2002, the AgCam system is a tried and tested system backed by an establishment of consistently low warranty repair rates; less than one percent. Though another organization tried to imitate AgCam, they failed to duplicate the quality and consistency of AgCam, which was made by experienced American farmers for farmers. We are not more of the dollar; we are the system that offers more value for the dollar.

  The AgCam system is a custom built camera and monitor system that allows for the greatest flexibility in the field.

  The monitor is designed with the newest flat screen technology available. The Thin Film Technology (TFT) creates a clearer image with a wider viewing angle from the monitor. This allows greater flexibility of movement in your day using the system and you can continue the customization of your view by choosing the aspect ratio based on your needs; either the standard television styled 4:3 or a 16:9 widescreen. The camera is built to be durable in the harshest agricultural environments and has the flexibility to migrate easily from one application to another with so simple an attachment as a single wire hookup and magnet. Conceived as a light adaptable system, the camera allows for immediate transfer from brightly lit locations to very dark environments without sacrificing quality or sharpness of view. This is our prescription for your farming health as we alone use the same glass for our camera as is in the most expensive prescription glasses.

  By using an AgCam Kit, you also gain the advantage of an additional rear view mirror to aid in backing up trailers, campers, combines, hydraulic folds, aerators or other view-interrupted equipment. Our monitors also have two-camera capabilities so you can simply press a button to switch your view as your project requires. For those longer days in the field, you can hook one of your monitors to an external source, like a DVD or VHS player.



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